Delicious, a Magic Wand for Outsourcing Web Development Services

Outsourcing Web development service, like many other services can be benefitted through the use of social bookmarking site. Delicious is now regarded as the most popular social bookmarking site. Anyone can take the advantages of the site to make web pages of a business or an individual more organized and easy to access. One can use Delicious for different purposes such as:

  • Content marketing

A business doing content marketing shares many links to better content management and development ideas through emails on regular basis. It is really difficult and time consuming to find out a particular email within a bunch of thousands emails. A delicious account can solve this problem easily. The company, first of all should set up a Delicious account of the company where the business can bookmark their essential items. Whenever one needs to find the latest updates in infographics or graphic design resources, he can easily refer to the Delicious bookmarks of the company. This is helpful to make the employees of that particular business active in adapting new learning and sharing knowledge with their colleagues.

  • Backlink records

Many ways are available before link-builders to keep the record of their websites such as Excel spreadsheets, paid software so on. But Delicious provides faster service of providing the record of the desired links. A business indulges many links. One can bookmark a page requested through a link. Then he can tag it with its topic, type or quality for any further references in future. In future whenever he will need any element tagged in the bookmark for another links, he will be able to find them in his Delicious Bookmark.

  • Managing Social networking profiles

In the current age, no business can exist without having social networking pages or profiles. There is a huge possibility of forgetting them later. This can be immensely harmful for promotion of the business. A business can be lost in this way. Delicious bookmarking keeps the profile or page links prepared whenever they are needed.

  • Social Mentions

Delicious also helps to keep the record of mentions of an individual or a business in articles. This record of the mentions would appear handy for references or testimonials in the writings or websites of a business. This idea can be called Ari’s ego as Ari Herzog had introduced this idea.

  • Writing Showcase

If Ari’s ego can be added to a great template, one can create a customized portfolio by using Delicious RSS feeds.

These are only few of many benefits of Delicious. Both individuals and businesses can utilize the best out of it. Every day the popularity Delicious is getting higher and higher.

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How Offshore Website Development Companies Boost Your Business via SMO

Outsourcing website development companies, apart from website development and website designing, have started to provide another service named website marketing which includes SEO, SMO/SMA and many other services.  With the help of these companies, SMO service is gaining immense importance in website marketing. Small and medium businesses should incorporate the social media marketing strategy into their promotional campaign. This needs a thorough research. To conduct a thorough research on this topic, one should have a clear concept of marketing strategy. A few things must be considered before employing social media marketing strategy.

Social media network is an integral part of our life. Studies have revealed that almost 70% of adults use social media in different forms to be connected. Social media marketing includes many channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram etc. Rising popularity of social media service leads to the introduction of new digital marketing strategies. Major benefits of social media marketing are:

  • Wide reach
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Higher returns of investment
  • Access to global platform

The success of social media marketing, like any other strategy of course depends on the effectiveness of the way in which it is going to be executed. Various companies providing social media services can properly guide a business about implementation of social media strategies. First of all, it is important to identify the goals and marketing objectives of a particular company. Only after knowing the marketing objectives, one can set strategies to achieve them. An effective strategy can be made by integrating the goals of the firms with various channels of social media.  The marketing objectives should be specific, measurable and of course relevant. The customer base and competition are also important to identify the target audience which helps to increase sales and produce revenue. Therefore targeting the right audience plays a vital role in success of social media marketing. A business should always keep a record of the strategies initiated by their competitors. It helps to decide a better strategy to defeat the competitors.

Another crucial decision is choosing the proper channel suitable for promoting the business. A wrong channel may waste time without giving any fruits. On the other hand a right choice of social media channel may lead a business to the highest position in the market.

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